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Jean-Michel Smith
Growing up in the American Midwest, my addiction to travel began with a summer job planting pineapples in Hawaii. I widened my travels while studying engineering at the University of Illinois, spending a semester in Salzburg, Austria, where I learned to speak German. Later I was in Germany for two semesters as part in an exchange program with the Technische Hoschschule Darmstadt. I also had the good fortune of working several summers for Bayer Leverkusen as a Werkstudent (summer intern), further honing my language and IT skills. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science I attended graduate school and went on to work in the financial industry, designing and setting up trading systems in various places around the world.

Autonomy, a novel

When Cal Sheldon puts himself into an artificial coma and loads his mind onto the advanced computer he and his university colleagues secretly designed, he leaves behind a dying Earth and discovers new life in the world they’ve created. This breakthrough gives rise to an underground community and launches an illegal scientific renaissance. But can they stay ahead of those who would destroy them? And do they have the courage to embrace a radical plan for survival, one that might give them the freedom they seek, but could cost them their very humanity?


“Solid craftsmanship … engaging … worth the time. I found myself eager to find out what happens next.”
–SF Signal

“Fast Paced … some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read!”

“Compelling story … a skillful writer … I was immediately entranced.”
–Goeff Lehr,

Paperback: $16.99

  • Available at and bookstores everywhere

eBook: $8.99

S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System

S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System is a detailed treatment and modernization of the ancient base-60 numerical system first developed by the Sumerians around 3100 BC. S3 combines ancient and modern mathematical concepts, unifying them with quantum physics and general relativity. The result is an innovative new system that enhances arithmetic intelligence and simplifies difficult physics concepts.


“Thumbs up! Very entertaining. The ideas that he proposes are absolutely fascinating … and the Base-60 system, it’s fascinating!”
–Joey’s Culture Corner, TrekWest5

“Promoting a purer understanding of the relationships between space and time … 5 stars. The system is just that neat.”
-Patrick Louis,

Paperback: $8.99

  • Available at and bookstores everywhere

eBook: $5.99

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