S3 Sexagesimal – Jean-Michel Smith

S3 Sexagesimal

S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System

S3: The Smith Sexagesimal System is a detailed treatment and modernization of the ancient base-60 numerical system first developed by the Sumerians around 3100 BC. S3 combines ancient and modern mathematical concepts, unifying them with quantum physics and general relativity. The result is an innovative new system that enhances arithmetic intelligence and simplifies difficult physics concepts.


  • “Thumbs Up! The ideas [the author] proposes…the base-60 system, it’s fascinating!”
    Joey’s Culture Corner, TrekWest5
  • “Very, very interesting and well explained.”
    -Scott Nottingham, Goodreads
  • “Promoting a purer understanding of the relationships between space and time … 5 stars. The system is just that neat.”
    Patrick Louis, amazon.com

  • Paperback ($8.99), 72 pages.
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