Autonomy – a novel – Jean-Michel Smith

Autonomy – a novel

The Struggle for the Future of Human Evolution Begins


When Cal Sheldon puts himself into an artificial coma and loads his mind onto the advanced computer he and his university colleagues secretly designed, he leaves behind a dying Earth and discovers new life in the world they’ve created. This breakthrough gives rise to an underground community and launches an illegal scientific renaissance. But can they stay ahead of those who would destroy them? And do they have the courage to embrace a radical plan for survival, one that might give them the freedom they seek, but could cost them their very humanity?

Autonomy explores some of the many directions human evolution may take and confronts the conflicts within our human culture that threaten the present and future potential of our species.


  • “Thumbs up! Very entertaining. The ideas that he proposes are absolutely fascinating … and the Base-60 system, it’s fascinating!”–Joey’s Culture Corner, TrekWest5
  • “Solid craftsmanship … engaging … worth the time. I found myself eager to find out what happens next.”–SF Signal
  • “Fast Paced … some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read!”–nmatrix5,
  • “Compelling story … a skillful writer … I was immediately entranced.”–Goeff Lehr,

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Reference – Autonomy : The Author’s Canon

An “official” overview of the Autonomy universe as envisioned by its author, Jean-Michel Smith.

Other Publications

LOGS: micro-fondements d’émancipation sociale et artistique contains 5 excerpts of essays embedded in 4 chapters of the French translation of an earlier draft of “Autonomy: Freedom of Thought,” as part of a collection of essays on free culture and collaborative artistic endeavour. It does NOT contain any text that appears in the current revision of the novel.


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